Dudley Priory Park weddings
Marina Hannah photography

West Midlands Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day at Priory Hall, Priory Park and Ruins, Dudley

When asked to photograph a wedding, weather it be at a lavish expensive location or at a pleasant yet simple official civil venue, I always get to see how much 'in love' a couple of newly weds can be. And none more so than this gorgeous pair at Dudley's beautiful Priory Park and Hall.

I do remember the day to be a little on the 'chilly' side, but there was so much warmth and fun during this day with a wonderful bride and groom and their lovely families.

While on a wedding shoot, I will always get you guys to gaze romantically into each others eyes, as we say in the trade 'one for the album' but it appears you never need directing for this one;)

Location: Priory Hall Priory Park Dudley DY1 4EU.

1/640; f/4.5; ISO 500; 85.0 mm.