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Nailcote Hall wedding photographer

Shropshire and Gloucestershire Wedding Portraits and Portfolios

I just love weddings! There are so many interesting highlights to photograph and record during a couples wedding day. Obviously, the whole day is often mostly centered on the bride and we all know she will always look amazingly beautiful! But lets not forget about the groom. After all its his day too!

Its always a good idea to try to capture the atmosphere of the day and through images such as this one you can really tell how nervous or relaxed a groom really is. There he is, its just 5 minutes before his bride arrives at the alter, those final checks in the mirror, is his button hole in place, has he got the rings ))

Fortunately for Stuart, at the impressive Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire, he looked like a prince in waiting and just caught me sneaking up behind him, as ever with a cheeky grin.

Location: Nailcote Hall, Nailcote Lane, Berkswell, Warwickshire CV7 7DE.

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