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Weddings in Shropshire – Shooting Around the Clock

So you are getting married an have already booked one of the Shropshire gorgeous wedding venues this county has to offer. Next step is to choose your Shropshire wedding photographer. After you spent so much time planning your perfect wedding day, it is so important to capture it in all its beauty! I quite often hear of couples not wanting to pay for a professional wedding photographer because a relative offers to do it for free – and “they are really into photography and have a very nice camera”.

The question is – do you really want them to work on the day instead of being there for you and enjoy the celebration? Being into photography doesn’t mean they will do a good job of capturing all the details and little moment that you will be looking back at for years to come. Wedding photography is something unique and involves so much more that just a nice camera. Do they have a back up equipment? Do they have a backup for this backup? With the wedding day being so hectic and sometimes unpredictable, do you really want to take a gamble with somebody who’s never done it before?

Another thing to consider is consistency. Experience wedding photographer knows how to create amazingly beautiful wedding photos in any weather conditions or any time of the day. I’d like to say a couple of words about flash photography. For beginners it seems like a very complicated thing and that’s why there are so many natural light only wedding photographers. I am all for that when there is gorgeous natural light, but what if there isn’t? Do we just sign and say “oh well”, and miss out on some of the beautiful shots OCF can provide? Not on my watch 🙂

Even in summer when the light is there for longer, I absolutely love to take a couple outside for a couple of creative wedding pictures that could not be taken without flash or any other artificial light.

Ironbridge wedding at The valley Hotel

A beautiful Victorian style gazebo situated on the terrace of the Best Western Valley hotel where the couple tied the knot earlier that day. A little creative flash and we created an image in their wedding colour!

Planning a Winter Wedding – you need a Shropshire wedding photographer!

If you decide to get married in winter, early spring or late autunm, when the days are quite short – choosing the best Shropshire wedding photographer becomes even more important. You need proper equipment and knowledge to be able to provide the couple with beautiful memories of their wedding day! The image below was taken at Nailcote Hall in February, it was so dark my cameras were having trouble focusing 🙂 Thanks to the patience if the newlyweds, we able to create a beautiful image even in complete darkness!

Warwickshire wedding photographer

So. bottom line is – a professional Shropshire wedding photographer would have invested time and money into equipment and hours of training to make it look easy on the day! If you choose wisely you will be rewarded with creative wedding photos that you feel proud to show to your kids and grandkids!

Get in touch to book your wedding photographer and rest assured that you are in experienced hands 🙂

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