Bride and groom wedding day portraits
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Bride and groom wedding day portraits

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

As a Shropshire and Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I am absolutely spoilt for choice for natural background shots when working with bride and groom portraits. However, sometimes all you need is good light, stunning subjects and a fence !

Bridgnorth Wedding Photographer

In this image, following the Bridgnorth countryside wedding ceremony, I took Emily and Steve for a casual stroll around the farm buildings (the cleaner areas). The main focus for me is to try to capture the couples natural relaxed everyday look. On many occasions we find a newly wed couple trying too hard to pose or with forceful smiles, which are completely the opposite to what they need in a wedding album. 

Here I love Emily's happy and contented gaze into the camera, showing a sense of comfort and confidence for a wonderful future from this day forth!

Location: Bridgnorth, Shropshire.